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“ In the continuous chase for promotion and more wealth we often forget that we, as human beings have mental and physical limits. Jef Geys reminds us of that and advises us wisely and very to the point how to combine a perfect professional life and a healthy life style.”
K.L. De Meirleir M.D., Ph.D.
Nevada Center for Biomedical Research at UNR, Reno, Nevada
“ Burnout is the disease of the 21st Century. Jef Geys is a pioneer on recovery and this book is a milestone in this area. A must read for anyone looking to be fitter, more effective and simply happy. His knowledge is so deep that he turns what are very complex ideas into a simple and clear but very complete and holistic approach. It’s a great book that I’ve enjoyed reading (and re-reading).”
Ricardo Martin
Vice President Marketing, Unilever, Canada
" It seems so obvious, but for the majority of the population as well as for elite athletes, rest has become the key to well being and success, since cognitive overload and over training have become major problems for society and for athletes. In this book Jef Geys explains the why, and more important, the how, to rest adequately in order to get more out of your life and your career. An issue and a book I can’t promote enough.”
Henk Kraaijenhof
International Performance Consultant & Author ( Mary Pierce, Dutch Olympic track team, Juventus )
" Working for the Belgian Special Forces requires a level of discipline and attention higher than average, our lives and many people’s depend on it. This book is a very complete guide to staying healthy and fit for anyone looking to take their health in their own hands.”
Commando Special Units, Antwerp, Belgium

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